Microbus rental service

By | July 13, 2016

You can choose a microbus from our variety of models, shapes and brands.A 7 seated Microbus named Noah can be sit up to 8 passengers at a time and in a 10 seated Hiace Microbus can be sit up to 12 passengers at a time.If you want to go a long drive with your family or relatives or staffs you should choose Microbus instead of car. Our service is available for all Bangladeshi people who wants to travel from Dhaka to anywhere in Bangladesh.In your experiences, you may have been face to hidden charge by others rent a car company but we have no hidden charge. Every payment option is cleared and you can choose your option easily by seeing or visiting our payment options or you can discuss with us directly. we also provide others car Mob : 01726069449 / 01928970051

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